George grew up in Syracuse, New York where he spent most of his time making music, running tech for theater, and doing math problems. He attended New York University as an undergraduate student and received degrees in Physics (with Honors), Mathematics, and Computer Science.

He is currently a graduate student at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in the Physics department studying high-energy astrophysical phenomena, especially the formation of jets around supermassive black holes. He is a member of the horizon collaboration.

In the past, he held adjunct faculty positions in New York University's Physics Department and Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, teaching mid- to upper-level courses in those departments. Recently, he worked on the problem of extending models of relativistic jets from the analytic regime to simulate GRB afterglow data for comparison against observational measurements collected from the Swift mission. Previously, George worked at NYU WIRELESS in a research group studying propagation characteristics of millimeter-waves both experimentally through measurement campaigns and though statistical channel models.

In his free time, he enjoys music, software development, and pondering the great mystery of life including the connections between fundamental mathematics and physics.

For more formal information, consult his CV.